SET’s primary area of research is physical computing in performing practice and design, involving digital scenography, live visuals and sound, and real-space interaction between ‘physical agents’ (e.g. live performers, acoustic instruments, stage props…) and digitally generated content. SET’s research and practice are closely linked: the research arises out of our artistic endeavours and the application of its results finds place in the production process.


Our current research project, CYBERAMA, is aimed at developing a prototype of a new kind of performance/exhibition venue, a building which can accommodate the emerging practices in the fields of digital theatre, dance and music, extended cinema, telematic performance and participatory and/or interactive events and installations. Using new materials for construction and projection (such as Smart Glass and translucent LCD) as well as costume materials which can integrate sensors (e.g. nanotechnology), the project aims not only to develop a new kind of space for artists, performers and audiences, but to generate new modes of engagement between them in and through the technologically reconfigured space.




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