Photos: Stephen Hughes

WE is a dystopian story unfolding in the far-off future in which people (called ‘Numbers’) live their alienated lives in the single city-state called the ‘United State’. Protected from the rest of the ‘wild’ world by the huge ‘Green Wall’, they live in glass houses closely watched by the ‘Guardians’ - the secret police which protects the society run entirely by the laws of logic and reason.

Everything - including sexual life - is strictly regulated by the ‘Tables of Hours’. Any Number who deviates from the norms of the United State is arrested and publicly annihilated.


The main character is the engineer and mathematician D-503. He is designing the spacecraft ‘Integral’, which can travel through both space and time. The aim of Integral is to conquer the Universe by disseminating the ‘Science of Numbers’ among all known civilisations. In the course of this venture, however, D-503 unwittingly gets involved in a love triangle which ends up as a conspiracy plot against the United State - a plot organised by rebels beyond the Green Wall.


The Integral mission is in grave danger...


Inspired by the Russian science fiction novel WE from 1921 written by Yevgeny Zamyatin (the first novel to be banned in the Soviet Russia, WE was later used as a direct inspiration for Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984).



Jo Cork

Evathia Polyviou

Malachy Orozco



Fahrudin Salihbegovic



Jo Cork



Malachy Orozco



Orestis Dikaikos


Original music

Aris Lanaridis



Georgia Corrigan


Aurasma Programmers

Patricia Almeida

Nickolas Anderson

Jack Humphrey


Point Cloud/Integral

Mladen Verbanov



Horia Dragoi


Video Documenters

Chris Hailes

Georgia Corrigan


Music Normaliser

(Time Scales-Pitch Scales)

Srdan Dedic


Special Thanks:

Michael Hardwick

Ian Thompson

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