performers Mieke Weckesser, Malachy Orozco,Hannah Lammin, Agnes Schneidewind, Hazim Kamaledin, Boris Butorac, Dominika Kieruzel, Alev Adil

music Igor Stepanovic, Vladimir Bojovic, Steve Kennedy, Johan Sebastian Bach

costume Hannah Lammin, Lee Borthwick (workshop Steven Lawrence Gallery)

sound design Ian Thompson

lighting Boris Butorac

video editing Dusan Petkovic, Steward Jurt

advice and support Tatjana Ljujic

text Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Laibach Rewritten

physical performance training Mieke Weckesser

physical performance directing Hazim Kamaledin

digital scenography/directing Fahrudin Nuno Salihbegovic

The project consists of three different performances:


Oedipus in the Think Tank


Apocalyptic Cybernetic Theatre ACT Oedipus


Oedipus – The Code Breaker


Premiere, Steven Lawrence Gallery in Greenwich in August 2011

Presented at TATE Britain, November 2011

Presented at The Study Centre for Scenic Arts in Bologna, Italy, October 2012

Presented at INFANT, International Festival in Alternative and New Theatre, Novi Sad, Serbia, June 2013

Oedipus project is made in collaboration with international partners Cactusbloem, Antwerp (Belgium), PVC Theatre, Novi Sad (Serbia), the United Nation Refugee Agency UNHCR and Aurasma (Augmented Reality Platform). It was presented at the Tate Britain gallery as a part of the programme Late at Tate, attended by 3 000 people.


The project is supported by GRE (Greenwich Research and Enterprise) and INFANT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia


Oedipus project was developed from the Summer School in Electronic Theatre organised at Greenwich in 2011. Oedipus is an immersive cybernetic theatre experience which explores the disjunctures between the virtual, a technically sophisticated cybernetic hyper-reality and the actual, a crude and brutal everyday reality and the restless and fearful human-being caught in a set of dilemmas and discrepancies which overshadow the dawn of the 21st century.


Oedipus is following SET’s doctrine of being always at the forefront of the technological innovation, whilst keeping in mind that the prime purpose of theatre has always been and always will be a sincere encounter with ones fellow human being. In this production the audience are invited to use their smart gadgets as cutting-edge augmented reality toys enabling them only to see the despair of a new race of people emerging from the world filled with misery on a horizon of our blithe, self-obsessed, mediated world – a race called refugees.



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