PRISONER | MEDEA (work in progress)

… a retelling of the story of Medea, charting the liminal space where the ancients meet the moderns, where tragedy meets farce, where metaphysics confronts politics



Directed by: Fahrudin Nuno Salihbegović and Tatjana Ljujić

Dramaturgy: Tatjana Ljujić

Performing: Malachy Orozco, Hannah Lammin, Tatjana Ljujić, Adam Howes

Scenography/Multimedia: Fahrudin Nuno Salihbegović

Music: Pavlos Kapralos and Aris Lanaridis

Costume: Hannah Lammin

Assistant Director: Malachy Orozco

Sound design: Ian Thompson

Special thanks to: Pejman Torabi, Ivan Marinov, Keith Heaney


… a performance that conflates language with body, physical theatre with projected imagery, acoustic music with digital sound


In collaboration with the Greek music collective Balkanic Ashes, the Queen’s House, Royal Museums Greenwich, DARE (Digital Arts Research and Enterprise) and Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, University of Greenwich.


© Studio for Electronic Theatre 2016