WE at the Camden People's Theatre


Studio for Electronic Theatre in collaboration with London South Bank University


Tue 11 Oct, Wed 12 Oct and Thu 13 Oct 2016 at 7:15 pm

Camden People’s Theatre 58-60 Hampstead Road London NW1 2PY

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In 200 years’ time, will everyone left in the World be happy?


Welcome to Our State, where freedom is equality and conformity, names are numbers, and relationships are determined by compatibility norms. Aeronautical engineer D-503 is torn between his faith in the Protector (the Artificial Intelligence designed to eliminate conflict) and archaeologist I-330's desire to connect the future to the past. O-90, D-503’s recreational partner, spurred by his imminent departure for Outer Space to spread the message of Happiness, has new dreams of her own. Can D-503 save his relationship, his friends, his spacecraft and his faith in Our State?



Before 1984, before The Shape of Things to Come and Brave New World, there was WE.  Zamiatin’s novel, translated into English in 1924 by Gregory Zilboorg, was the first to be banned by the Soviet authorities. Provocative, wry and moving, his imaginative and poetic rumination on the nature of human happiness is as challenging and stimulating today as when it was written in 1919.


SET stages this integrated media adaptation of WE using music, dance, colour, light, visual spectacle and technical wizardry to augment traditional theatre.


Cast: Rachel Buckley (O-90), Tom Davis (S-4711, Protector), Leto Dietrich (R-13), Sophia Miller de Vega (I-330), Malachy Orozco (D-503)


Dramatist and Co-director: Maureen Thomas

Choreographer and Movement Director: Jo Cork

Set & Visual Designer and Co-director: Fahrudin Salihbegovic

Assistant Director: Maizy Wright

Original Music: Bartosz Szafrański and Aris Lanaridis





Prisoner at the Queen's House


Studio for Electronic Theatre presents a new theatre project:







… a retelling of the story of Medea, charting the liminal space where the ancients meet the moderns, where tragedy meets farce, where metaphysics confronts politics




Directed by: Fahrudin Nuno Salihbegović and Tatjana Ljujić

Dramaturgy: Tatjana Ljujić

Performing: Malachy Orozco, Hannah Lammin, Tatjana Ljujić, Adam Howes

Scenography/Multimedia: Fahrudin Nuno Salihbegović

Music: Pavlos Kapralos and Aris Lanaridis

Costume: Hannah Lammin

Assistant Director: Malachy Orozco

Sound design: Ian Thompson

Special thanks to: Pejman Torabi, Ivan Marinov, Keith Heaney


… a performance that conflates language with body, physical theatre with projected imagery, acoustic music with digital sound


Dates: 16 and 17 October 2014

Times: Doors and bar open: 18.30, Performances: 19.30–21.40 (includes interval)

Location: Queen's House, Royal Museums Greenwich, London SE10 9NF

Audience: Adults

Fee: £10, Concessions: £8, Standing: £5 (Advanced booking recommended.)

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Prisoner is inspired by Rozanne Hawksley’s sculpture of the same title (currently on display at the Queen’s House).


In collaboration with the Greek music collective Balkanic Ashes, the Queen’s House, Royal Museums Greenwich, DARE (Digital Arts Research and Enterprise) and Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts, University of Greenwich.




Workshop in Digital Theatre at The Contemporary Arts Academy


Studio for Electronic Theatre will take part in The Contemporary Arts Academy which takes place this summer, August 25-31, at the magnificent island of Zakynthos (Zante), in Greece <link>.


The workshop will offer, in a practice-based approach, an understanding of the new experience of performative space that accompanies the shift to digital media technologies, exploring emerging theatre forms and practices influenced by this move. This course will help the students to explore, through practice, the nature of the space created as a result of the fusion of different arts and technology and a new place for a performer in it.


This workshop is divided into five sections. Each section will deal with different elements of digital performance.


Programming (Isadora),

Infra-red camera motion tracking (Kinect, NI Mate),

Real-time light/video/sound processing (Isadora),

Body in the digital space,

Creative projecting.


Learning these skills will enable students to programme and control responsive, ‘smart’ space making first practical steps into the field of electronic interaction design in performance and media arts.



Immersive Performative Installation JERIKO


Studio for Electronic Theatre in collaboration with boyleANDshaw presents Immersive Performative Installation JERIKO, a part of Lost at Sea event at the National Maritime Museum.


Studio for Electronic Theatre and boyleANDshaw collaborate on a new immersive sound and visual work entitled JERIKO, exploring the work and life of J.M.W. Turner, in particular the semi-fictionalised character of late Turner as Admiral Booth. As the event unfolds the National Maritime Museum will be turned into turneresque digital landscapes of colours, lights and sounds.


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November 28th from 6.00pm




Photo by Sonia Davin-Smith




New Book on CyberTheatre


Directing CyberTheatre by Fahrudin Nuno Salihbegovic


In a series of essays assembled under the heading 'Directing Cyber Theatre', Salihbegovic is offering his understanding about several technical and aesthetic aspects of the contemporary digital performance and 'cyber theatre' as vast, versatile, and ever expanding artistic disciplines. The book is published as an augmented book. The augmented book is extending the experience of the traditional book by adding the strong digital element to it. One is able to watch the video clips pointing her/his smartphone to the dedicated images in the book so that the still images from the book 'come alive' when the video clips from the phone get superimposed over them. This new technology very much corresponds to the subject matter of the book.


"Since Tadeusz Kantor, perhaps only Dragan Zhivadinov in Slovenia has pushed the boundaries in this way. Each represents a difference chapter over a relatively short period. Salihbegovic identifies this twenty first century moment of the traveller as artist and exceptional collaborator. He is an original thinker in performance, thrusting the privacy of the universal individual into question in a world of global oversimplification. The so-called real and the digital are entangled only to clarify a world on a slippery creative slope." David Gothard



Publisher: Academica - Akademska grupa, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management, University of Arts, Belgrade




The book can be ordered from the Amazon.




Oedipus CB at the Real-time Visuals AHRC Research Network Conference



Oedipus The Code Breaker will be performed on 24th January 2014 in the Culture Lab in Newcastle as a part of the Real-time Visuals AHRC Research Network Conference. The theme of the conference is the Real-time Visuals for Performance, Gaming, Installation, and Electronic Environments. The conference is hosted by the School of Design, Northumbria University.




OEDIPUS - The Code Breaker



Immersive Cybernetic Total Theatre



In partnership with the United Nation Refugee Agency UNHCR and Aurasma (Augmented Reality Platform)


22 February 2013, 8pm


Old Royal Naval College, Queen Mary Undercroft, Greenwich


Running time 1 hour followed by Echostate DJs


Entrance is free, but booking is required at



Following their successful appearance at the Tate Britain’s Late at Tate, with Apocalyptic Cybernetic Theatre Act OEDIPUS, Studio for Electronic Theatre has been working on a follow up, an immersive cybernetic theatre experience which explores the disjunctures between the virtual, a technically sophisticated cybernetic hyper-reality and the actual, a crude and brutal everyday reality and the restless and fearful human-being caught in a set of dilemmas and discrepancies which overshadow the dawn of the 21st century.



Oedipus – The Code Breaker is following SET’s doctrine of being always at the forefront of the technological innovation, whilst keeping in mind that the prime purpose of theatre has always been and always will be a sincere encounter with ones fellow human being. In this production the audience are invited to use their smart gadgets as cutting-edge augmented reality toys enabling them only to see the despair of a new race of people emerging from the world filled with misery on a horizon of our blithe, self-obsessed, mediated world – a race called refugees.



As in the original myth Oedipus starts his journey as a king and arrives back at his point of departure as a refugee. But, aren’t they both, following some higher logic informed by our transient nature, one and the same? Oedipus’ curse lies in the fact that he has to solve this same riddle all over again. At the location where some famous queens and kings of old were born, lived and died (remains of Royal Placentia Palace), Studio for Electronic Theatre takes you on an exciting journey with the king who has, for centuries, been an icon of our limitless limitedness – a journey which might prove to be both painful and yet very cathartic for each of us.






Oedipus at Tate Britain


Apocalyptic Cybernetic Theatre ACT – OEDIPUS, a joint multimedia theatre project of Studio for Electronic Theatre, ICAS - University of Greenwich (London, UK), tg Cactusbloem (Antwerp, Belgium), PVC-T (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Magdatt (Amsterdam, NL), will be shown on 4 November 2011 in the renowned London gallery Tate Britain.




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