Studio for Electronic Theatre is a collective of visual, sonic, performative and experiential artists and philosophers who produce multimedia performances that inhabit the interstitial spaces between theatre and media arts. Our poetics produces a new practice in the tradition of total theatre.

In total theatre transformed time and space produce a non-representational experiential form that engages synaesthetically with its audience. Our approach to total theatre is to create a materialism that eschews escapism and produces affective knowledge that blurs the boundaries between performance and existence beyond it. The experience rather than the story, whether interactive or not, is of paramount importance. Reality is transformed not suspended in a creative zone that imagines existence beyond the iron cage of rationalisation.

The mythic as a form reconfigured across time and space is central to and underpins our process of performance construction. Ethical and political realms are approached through the exploration of dreams and nightmares as contemporary mythic realms. These evanescent and protean forms of logic inform our processes of narrative and non-narrative construction.

Time and space are approached philosophically, scientifically and through art. In an age where digital convergence encompasses and contains all art forms our practice both enacts and questions the material conditions of this convergence by reconfiguring and disrupting linearity, narrative expectation and the experience of space and time.

The exploration of contested spaces and disrupted time (the war zone, the post-industrial desert, the internment camp, the refugee centre) is central to our artistic practice and academic research. This contestation and disruption relates both to conflict zones produced by war (e.g. Yugoslavia, Cyprus) and by economic expediency (e.g. Detroit, Conventry) and also to mythic and sacred space (e.g. Thebes, the Underworld, the Sufi khanqah or tekke).

Through the use of visual projection, music and performance total theatre transforms crisis space into  non-representational experiental possibility. We take theatre beyond its traditional realm into border zones, bomb shelters, spaces of historical significance, abandoned industrial zones, wastelands as well as bringing those spaces into the gallery, museum, theatre, academy.